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2 thoughts on “Contacts and links

  1. I attended your recital at the Hertford Quaker Meeting House yesterday was wonderful. I really enjoyed your fluid playing from the Scarlatti through to the Enescu and the Moonlight Sonata. Thankyou.

  2. I really enjoyed your recital with from the sound of it the same programme as your Herford gig referred to above, at Hull University. first of all the pieces were a good mix of the familiar (Beethoven Schubert) and the not so familiar especially the Enescu, and given the number of sonatas he wrote, Scarlatti. Indeed I thought that the Moonlight was just a safe choice, but really for me the highlight of the concert was your interpretation of the first movment which was exquisite. The dissonance in the Schubert brought your playing out of a middle-of-the-road interpretation whilst staying very Schubert. And Enescu was worth its place not because of common nationality but because it is good piano music – and has led to me exploring more of his music, thank you. The only problem with the concert was of my making: when I put your programme together as a playlist on my sound system I mistakenly chose P9 which is K90 so was subject to a few seconds confusion when the programme diverged from my expectations!

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