Beethoven – Sonata op. 31 no. 1 in G major, second movement

Brahms – Piano and Viola sonata op. 120 in F minor, fourth movement with violist Ugne Tiskute (

Song recital at St. Martin-in-the-Fields with Sarah Gabriel (

Updated recordings on Alexandra’s YouTube Channel:

Alexandra recorded the variations for vibes, pianos and strings by Steve Reich. You can order the CD here:

5 thoughts on “Recordings

  1. Apologies for leaving another comment so soon but I am very interested in hearing your recording of the variations for vibes, pianos and strings by Steve Reich, however, classicsonline doesn’t seem to be functioning at the moment. Is there any other way of obtaining this? Thanks.

      1. Dear Alexandra, thank you for your prompt reply. I have followed the link, and now listened. I have been interested in Reich’s work along with a million other musics (!) for many years, so it has been fascinating to hear you play in that context. I like that you have such a varied repertoire; your enthusiasm for music certainly came across in yesterday’s performance. Thanks to your link I notice that Reich for percussion can, of course, be obtained from iTunes, however, I also note that you don’t currently appear to have any other recorded work; are there any plans to record in the future, or do you prefer live performance?

      2. Dear Alexandra

        Thanks for the link, I have enjoyed listening to that particularly the variations….I like the fact that you have such a diverse repertoire. I cannot locate any other recorded works by you, do you have any plans to do some more in the future or are you more interested in playing live?

      3. Dear Neil,

        I am glad you enjoyed the Reich recording, it was a great experience for me and the other musicians.
        Unfortunately, I have not done any other “professional” recordings, although I can send you the following link (see below) which contains the complete op. 18 by Enescu, recorded professionally back in August. I am using it for my PhD at the moment but eventually it will go on a proper CD.

        Have a wonderful week ahead!

        Kind regards,

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